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2022 Firefighter of the Year - FF Matt Sweeny

We would like to congratulate the 2022 Firefighter of the Year, Firefighter Matt Sweeny!

The winner of this award is nominated and chosen by their peers. Firefighter Sweeny’s nomination highlighted his devotion to the Port of Seattle Fire Department and his shift. His skills as a strong leader and role model to all members of the department were highlighted.

His nomination stated, “Working with Matt Sweeny cannot be explained or put into words, but rather must be experienced. His commitment to his role as a Driver SME and the training he provides have made everyone a better firefighter, driver, and engineer. He is open to questions and always provides accurate information in a timely manner. His ability to explain concepts and convey new information allows everyone to understand the material. He has developed tactics and strategies that have been put into effect due to his research and hard work. Specifically, his work creating a response plan for parking garage fires and the hands-on training associated with that have made every member of this department more competent and better prepared for future emergencies.”

Firefighter Sweeny was highlighted for his demonstration of integrity, discipline, and respect in every aspect of his life. It was noted that “he is always willing to offer help at a moment's notice, whether it be at work or in our personal lives outside of work”.

We are happy to congratulate Firefighter Sweeny for being voted 2022 Firefighter of the Year!

We would also like to congratulate the other nominees (Jon Bathum, Austin Guss, Chris Nuttall, Mark Schmitt, Micah Wilson and Tom White) for their consistent hard work and desire to make our department better.

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