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FD Promotions and Position Changes

We would like to offer a big ‘congratulations’ to all of the personnel recently promoted or assigned to new positions. We look forward to watching them grow and succeed in their new roles!

  • BC Schnase is stepping away from several successful years as the Training Chief to tackle a new challenge. He has been chosen to be the new Logistics Battalion Chief and we know he’ll be amazing in the role.
  • BC Grubb will be leaving his role a suppression BC to take on the role of Training Battalion Chief. After stepping in to temporarily to head up the Fire Prevention Division, we know he’s totally up for the challenge.
  • BC Eicher has been promoted from Captain to be the newest Battalion Chief on shift. He has thrived as a Captain and will be a great leader on shift.
  • Captain Washington is stepping away from suppression and moving to day shift to work with the newly developing Logistics team. His expansive departmental knowledge will be a huge asset.
  • Captain Cox and Captain Sweeny have been promoted from Firefighters to Captains. As our newest members of the officer core, we can’t wait to see them succeed in their new leadership roles.

Congratulations to them all!

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