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Fire Rescue Rope Drill

Last month, Port of Seattle Fire Department hosted a rope rescue drill with neighboring agencies at Delta hanger.

Here's a summary of the drill:

Rescuers arrived to find a "workers" (don't worry, they were mannequins!) hanging from their industrial fall protection approximately 80 feet in the air.  Rope Rescue Technicians climbed with equipment up to the catwalk deck over 100 feet in the air.  The rescue teams constructed their own rappel and belay systems. They rappelled down to the "worker" and connected their main and belay lines to the "worker" before removing the industrial fall protection.  At this point, they lowered to the ground on the rescuers rappel system.

We want to thank Eastside Fire & Rescue, Vashon Island Fire & Rescue, South King Fire and Rescue, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Renton Regional Fire Authority, and King County Fire District #2 for participating. 

rope rescue drill

rope rescue drill


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