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35th Annual Pancake Breakfast Success!

The 35th Annual Pancake Breakfast hosted at the Port of Seattle Fire Department on December 2, 2023 turned out to be a huge success. Firefighters decorated the fire station and prepared a huge breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and more for all the visitors. A small donation of just $6 per adult and $3 per child was requested for the breakfast and more than $4,000 was collected, with all proceeds going to the Washington State Council of Firefighters Burn Foundation.

This year the event included the opportunity to take a picture with Santa in front of the fire truck. The department participates in the Toys for Tots drive as well, and boxes were placed around for visitors to donate toys when seeing Santa.

Fire Chief Randy Krause expressed the experiences of the day in follow-up communication:

“Daily you all make me very proud and yesterday, was an AMAZING day and I want to thank everyone involved for putting together a super fun, engaging, and flawless event.  This year’s event was attended by many of the senior leadership of the Port to include Executive Director Metruck, Managing Director of Aviation Lance Lyttle, Port Commissioners and many of our Port partners and their families.  I had the opportunity to connect with many of them and I hope many of you were able to as well.  Everyone was happy, smiling, and many commented and were grateful to be able to reconnect after not being able to do so for so long.  

I want to specifically thank certain individuals and I apologize if I leave anyone out, but all of you setting up, cooking, cleaning, and preparing did fantastic work that is appreciated and worthy of a great big thank you.

 Captain Crippen – Thank you for leading the charge on this.  Dale Hornung (retired firefighter) left a great legacy, and you stepped right in and filled some very big shoes.

Local 1257– Union President Pierotti – Thank you and your entire leadership team for the great work, supporting the Burn Foundation, and the amazing contributions for Toys for Tots.  This event was a huge success.

FF Montgomery & FF Procter – Thank you for the creative and thoughtful decorations.  The station has never looked more festive or inviting.

BC Jewett – Thank you and ALL of B SHIFT and those from A, C, and D that were in attendance to support.  Your leadership and the teamwork were amazing.

A Shift – Thank you for the set up and prepping of the station as your whole team did a super job getting things in order and ready.

AC Starkey and Stata’s helper Elf Cole (AC Starkey’s son) - Santa Claus was a bonus that is something I cannot describe.  However, the excitement displayed through both the children and parents smiles and happiness says it all.  THANK YOU and Cole for this great addition to the event.  This was a highlight for many.

For anyone I left out and that contributed in any way, THANK YOU!!!!  The Port of Seattle Fire Department shined a bright light of happiness, good cheer, and gratitude yesterday and the overwhelming response I received from our guests was how amazing you all are and how inspired and happy they were to be able to engage with old friends and make new ones.  Job well done.”

2023 Pancake Breakfast Crowd


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