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AED and First Aid Training


The Port of Seattle Fire Department offers a program to all individuals employed at Sea-Tac Airport for free instruction of CPR, First Aid and AED classes. The employees and travelers of the airport create a dense population, increasing the possibility of an incident. The training of interested employees has been beneficial to a number of lives. Quick response, especially in the event of a cardiac issue, can make the difference between life or death.

The Fire Department manages a program placing over 200 automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the terminal and parking garage. Having easy access to a life saving device, good training, and the quick response time of EMT’s have been key factors to the Port of Seattle Fire Department holding the number one save rate of witnessed cardiac events in the world. That means if someone collapses from a cardiac event at Sea-Tac Airport, they have a higher chance of walking out of the hospital.

We’re proud of our success. We’re proud of the success of the people who step forward and learn these vital skills for use not only in emergencies at work, but at home. We’re proud to make Sea-Tac Airport a safer place to be.

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