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Drills Brighten the Night

Night Training Rescue
Inside the Mock-Up

Recently there may have been more lights flashing in the dark than normal. Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting apparatus and Fire Engines converging on a mock-up aircraft in the night. It’s all been part of scheduled drills performed by Port of Seattle Fire Department.

Nighttime training is conducted to practice their craft in limited light situations. During the day, people normally rely heavily on sight for information. Whereas at night, firefighters and fire officers must rely more on coordination, verbal radio communication, and their previous training.

These drills involved the use of a mock-up aircraft. Crews performed operational approaches in fire vehicles as if the mock-up aircraft was on fire. They pulled hoses and practiced hand-line operations for firefighting. The mock-up aircraft also served for internal search and rescue training.

Not only is this training part of the FAR 139.139 regulatory requirement, the Port of Seattle Fire Department makes every effort and uses every tool at our disposal to make the experience as realistic for the firefighters as possible.


Training on Mock Up Aircraft


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