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Energy Utility Services

Common area lighting and climate control

  • Included in all leases

  • Occupants are responsible for energy bills for additional heating or cooling equipment, and for following Port and energy code requirements regarding such equipment

Electricity, natural gas and hot water

  • Airlines:  Costs are usually included in leases

  • Organizations other than airlines:  Generally metered and paid separately.  Some simple services, e.g., electricity for vending machines, may be billed via a flat rate

  • All occupants:  Application for service and application for connection required

    • Required for ALL service changes, from use of outlets for vending machines to new buildings

    • Tenants are responsible for one-time connection charges such as new metering

Assistance with energy conservation rebates

  • For areas with Port distributed power, limited funding may be available to assist with approved tenant-funded conservation projects. Click here for more details on SEA Airport’s Energy Efficiency Incentive Program, and program application.

  • In locations served by other utilities, Aviation Utility can assist tenants in contacting the relevant utility conservation program

Specialty airline and ground service provider energy services

  • 400 Hz shore power and preconditioned air (PCAir from the STIA central HVAC system)

    • Included in airline leases to enable airlines to save fuel by turning off plane engines at the gates

  • Electric ground support equipment (eGSE) charging

    • Application for connection for each new vehicle is required

    • Each vehicle is billed separately from other energy services

480-100 WAC Electric Companies

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