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Fall Awareness Week - September 2023

Fall Awareness week is September 18-22, 2023

At the Port of Seattle Fire Department, nearly 80 percent of the Port of Seattle Fire Department's emergency calls are medical emergency calls. A fair number of those are injuries from falls. With so many people moving through unfamiliar areas, hauling luggage and distracted by thoughts of travel, it’s no wonder accidents happen.

As part of the Fall Awareness Week, here are some tips and reminders to travel safely.

  • Use elevators rather than escalators when you have large luggage and never take a stroller on an escalator.
  • Stop to check your phone. Don’t walk and text to avoid running into people or their luggage.
  • Wear non-skid shoes to help navigate the smooth hard surfaces.
  • Make sure nothing is dragging or trailing from your carry-on luggage. Loose cords, and trailing bits of blankets or clothing, can be a danger to people crossing paths.
  • If you are unsteady on your feet, bring necessary balance aids such as canes or walkers.
  • Give yourself time. Rushing around corners or trying to weave through people can cause trip ups or collisions with luggage. Take your time and be aware of those around you.
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