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Firefighter of the Year 2023 - Tom White

We’d like to congratulate Firefighter Tom White on being voted 2023 Firefighter of the Year.

As a valued member of the fire department since 1998, he has spent the last several years in the Fire Prevention Division as a Fire Inspector and has been vital to the project placing AEDs throughout Port properties. He was nominated and chosen by his peers.

Here’s some of the nomination statement; “Tom is a high-level contributor not only at work but as an E-Board executive. He is a go to guy for questions and is always available to help others, especially when they get mandated! Toms detailed and well managed implementation of the hot work program has reduced suppression firefighters involvement in issuing hot work permits by approximately 95 percent. 

Tom consistently delivers high-quality work and exceeds performance expectations, often completing tasks ahead of schedule. He approaches work with enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude that inspires and motivates others. Tom shows a willingness to take on new challenges and generate innovative ideas to improve work processes or solve problems. He demonstrates strong leadership qualities, including the ability to motivate and inspire others, to set goals and priorities, and to make tough decisions when necessary.”

Firefighters Micah Wilson and Rob Groeschell were also nominated for the award.

Congratulations, Tom!

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