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Fire Prevention - Who To Call

The Port of Seattle Fire Prevention Division wants to help you reach the right person.

New people have rotated into the group and taken on new roles.

We're happy to announce Captain Chris Nuttall has stepped into the role of Fire Prevention Captain.

The Prevention Division handles building inspections, shut downs, fueling inspections, Port extinguisher management, fire alarms, and many other duties relating to maintaining the fire safety of the airport. It’s a busy office with a steep learning curve with all of the tenants, projects and work being done on daily basis. All of the new members are already showing what great assets they will be to the team.


Fire Marshal / BC Adam Griffin 206-771-2917
Fire Prevention Captain Chris Nuttall 206-402-7728
Extinguisher/ Hydrant Inspector Helen Ray 206-402-7663
Alarm Technician Greg Carbaugh 206-947-6429
Construction Inspector  Tom White 206-572-5103
Fueling Inspector Spencer Thomas 206-573-4433
Building Inspector  Phil Hillhouse 206-833-8602
Sprinkler Inspector Brennen Cornett 206-316-7580
Const / Bldg Inspector Brian Duthie 206-635-0197
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