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Meet the Crew: Sr. Fire Prot. Engineer Nick Vaccaro

We would like to introduce you to Nick Vaccaro, one of our Senior Fire Protection Engineers. Though not a firefighter, his part of the team that makes certain the fire safety codes are applied to builds and remodels at the airport. In effect, this group does all they can to preempt fire danger by trying to assure the buildings are as safe and have all the right fire suppression systems in place.

Nick was kind enough to answer a few questions so we can get to know him a little better.


What experience do you bring to the Port of Seattle FD? Where did you work before?

I was initially a mechanical engineer in the Air Force, and then a Fire Protection Engineer with Sound Transit. Yes, I also hate how much car tabs now cost now.


Are you native to the area, or what brought you to the area?

I went to high school in Tacoma. I love the mountains, sea, and Ballard dive establishments around here, so I moved right back after I got out of the Air Force.


What are you looking forward to now that you’ve joined the Port? Or what drew you to the Port?

I wanted to work for a fire department. Most fire protection engineers work for companies looking to make a profit. I wanted to work on behalf of the folks looking to save lives. That and easy access to Qdoba burritos.


Is there anything personal you like to share? 

I have a two year old golden retriever named Rico Suave.

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