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New Company Set Up & Authorized Signers

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New Company Set Up




Authorized Signer Roles and Responsibilities:

The role of the Authorized Signer is critical to maintaining a safe and secure airport. A minimum of 2 Authorized Signers are required to be on file for each company at Sea-Tac. The Authorized Signer is responsible and required to comply with CFR 1542.209 - must undergo background checks, complete Authorized Signatory Training on an annual basis and the following:

  • Verify that any person enrolled in the badging process is a member of the organization in which they work and have a business need to hold an ID badge.
  • Enroll and Renew all employee badge applications electronically, using the Authorized Signer Portal.
  • Confirm that the employee information entered into the portal is accurate and the employee authorization document and identification requirements have been verified and met.
  •  Communicate the importance of holding an ID badge to your employees and the requirements and processes in which they need to obtain one.
  • Immediately deactivate a badge via the Authorized Signer Portal. if the employee has been separated from the company, or if the applicant’s badge is unaccounted for (LOST or STOLEN).
  • Ensure that any deactivated badge is RETURNED to the CREDENTIAL CENTER immediately. A $350.00 non-returned badge fee will be charged for each badge that is not returned within a 30 day period.
  • Maintain an accurate employee active badge count and serve as primary contact for badge audits conducted by Port of Seattle Aviation Security Auditing and Compliance.
  • Ensure that up to date contact information such as company name, billing address, email address and company phone number is maintained.
  • Notify the Credential Center of Authorized Signatory status changes.
  • Step by step guide Authorized Signer Portal Handbook.
  • Have an updated Company Agreement on file with the Credential Center

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