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U.S. Customs Seal Application

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office issues and manages Customs Seals for individuals requiring access to CBP security areas in order to perform their job duties.

Customs and Border Protection Security Seal (Customs Seal) Application Requirements:

  • Authorized Signer will need to complete Customs Seal application.

    • There has been a revision.  Difference from the old form, is on the first & last page.  The Authorized Signer signature box is now on the last page (page 5).  Page 1, there is a box for specific job duties, and zones requested.  The application will only allow you to request one zone, if you are requesting both zones, indicate it in the job duties box.

      • Zone 1 –allows an employee access to the Federal Inspection Service (FIS), sterile corridors and jet ways leading to and from aircraft arriving from international destinations or aircraft readying for departure to international destinations.  Generally, employees involved with cleaning, catering, cargo loading, baggage loading, internal fuselage maintenance, and boarding functions require zone 1 access.  

      • Zone 2 –allows an employee access to areas near arriving or departing international flights.  These employees may NOT access the aircraft, the FIS, jet ways, and sterile corridors.  Areas that require zone 2 access include the envelope of the aircraft (i.e. employees in areas surrounding both arriving international aircraft or aircraft departing for foreign destinations) Fuelers, baggage handlers, maintenance workers conducting work  external to the aircraft, deicing operators, etc.

  • Applicant will also need form of identification that is REAL ID Act approved.

For CBP Seal and Badge Renewals: CBP requires all renewed Customs Seal applications to be submitted at least 30 days PRIOR to your renewal appointment.


Please see the Customs Seal Required Documents for identification requirements when applying for a seal.

Pick up locations and contacts:

Please make arrangements with the Port of Seattle Credential Center for issuance of a badge with a CBP Seal.  Please DO NOT send the applicant to the CBP Security Seal Office.

The CBP Office is located on the Mezzanine level of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Room MT-6439-M.  Located directly above and behind the Delta Airline ticket counter). For any further questions please contact CBP via email -

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