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Badge Deactivation & Reporting a Lost/Stolen Badge

Employee Termination/ Badge Deactivation

The Authorized Signer is required to immediately notify the Credential Center when employment has been terminated or when a badge has been reported lost or stolen via the Authorized Signer Portal. If an employee no longer works for the company or no longer requires a badge, the Authorized Signer must log in to the Authorized Signer Portal and deactivate the badge.  Refer to page 17 of the AS Portal Handbook for instructions on badge deactivation.

Companies are REQUIRED to return the employee’s badge and Accountability Form to the Credential Center within 48 hours of deactivation. A $350 penalty will be assessed for each un-returned badge.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Badge

Authorized Signers must immediately report a badge lost or stolen using the Authorized Signer Portal.  Refer to page 22 of the AS Portal Handbook.

Please note: Fines associated with lost and stolen badges are to be paid by the EMPLOYEE before a badge can be re-issued.

Please refer to STIA's Tariff No. 1 - page 24A for Lost or Stolen badge fees and waiver requirements.

REMINDER: For Badge Security, please do not leave your Airport ID badge unattended in your vehicle.

Lost, Stolen or otherwise unaccounted badges will result in assessment of the following fines:

  • First Offense: $250 Fine
  • Second Offense: $500 Fine
  • Third Offense:  2 year Badge revocation 

There is a 48 hour waiting period to replace lost badges and all fines are assessed within a 24 month period.

Fees are due upon replacement of ID Badges.

We only accept payment via debit or credit card in the Employee Center for fines.

Documents for Badge Deactivation & Reporting a Lost/Stolen Badge

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