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Port Fire Placing New AEDs

Port of Seattle Fire Department is working hard to get 180 new automated external defibrillators (AEDs) placed for public use at Port of Seattle properties. The hundreds of AEDs placed in locations all around the Port have a real and positive impact on the outcomes to those who’ve experienced cardiac events. Having these devices readily available helps save lives.

The combination of readily available AEDs and highly trained workforce is a key component to the Port of Seattle Fire Department having an extraordinarily high cardiac save rate. Members of the fire department are certified First Aid and AED instructors, and the department offers free classes to those who work for the Port. It’s easy to arrange for classes.

AEDThese new AEDs are far superior to the older models. The CPR insight technology is easy to use. The machine determines when a shock needs to be administered and does so safely. The management of the AEDs is also much easier because they are wifi compatible and the system performs daily and weekly self-tests to assure readiness.

The AEDs are rated easiest to use, to hear, and have the highest rating in overall user confidence.

Captain Jeff Hendrickx (seen above) and Firefighter Tom White are in the process of rolling out these new machines between now and the end of the year. It’s been a great deal of work to obtain these new AEDs, get them ready, and put them where the public can utilize them. However, it’s an important tool for the safety of those who work at and travel through the Port of Seattle.

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