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Port Fire Triennial Photos

This Thursday, September 14, 2023, is the FAA required Triennial Aircraft Collision Exercise. This drill ensures the preparedness of first responders, not just from the Port of Seattle, but from neighboring agencies as well. Even though this drill occurs every three years, there have been vastly different elements and challenges over the years. The following images are examples of some of the highlights from the previous events.

2014 Triennial Drill - Firefighters prepare backboards
2014 Triennial Drill - Firefighters prepared backboards


2014 triennial drill mock up
2014 Triennial Drill - Volunteers act as patients 


2014 Triennial Drill Vehicles
2014 Triennial Drill - Mutual Aid Agencies Participation


2014 Triennial Helicopter
2014 Triennial Drill - One of many air responders to participate


2017 Triennial Drill
2017 Triennial Drill - Volunteers act as crash victims 


2017 Triennial Drill apparatus
2017 Triennial Drill - Port of Seattle Mass Casualty Response


2017 Triennial Mutual Aid
2017 Triennial Drill - Mutual Aid Agency Firefighters at drill


2017 Triennial Drill - examining volunteer patient
2017 Triennial Drill - Examining volunteer 'patient'


2020 Triennial Drill during covid
2020 Triennial Drill - Creative solutions were used to meet the drills requirements while keeping everyone safe 


2020 Triennial - no volunteers
2020 Triennial Drill - Due to pandemic protocols, volunteers could not be used as patients


2020 Triennial - mutual aid
2020 Triennial Drill - Mutual Aid agencies lined up 


2020 Triennial drill
2020 Triennial Drill - Spread out and staying safe



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