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Port Police Careers - Application Process

Entry-Level Applicants Application and Testing:

The Port of Seattle is currently contracted with Public Safety Testing (PST) to conduct our written and physical ability examinations for entry level police officers. You are able to complete your application online and select a testing date, time and location convenient for you. For further information, you may contact Public Safety Testing toll-free at (866) HIRE-911.

Public Safety Testing will validate your test results and send the score to the Port of Seattle directly.

Oral Board:

Based on availability of openings, we will contact you to schedule an oral board.

Civil Service Eligibility List:

Based on the oral board, as well as veteran's preference points, qualified candidates will be merged onto the existing entry level list. This list determines the order in which background investigations are conducted.



Lateral-Level Applicants Application and Testing:

Lateral Police Officer Application

Prospective lateral police officer applicants should follow the Port of Seattle Human Resources link to submit their application for employment regarding available lateral police officer positions.

Application Review

Once received, applications will be reviewed for content to assure that the candidate meets all of the minimum requirements necessary to be considered for a lateral police officer position.

Automatic Disqualifier Review

Candidates who meet the lateral police officer standards will be supplied with a document listing automatic disqualifying topics.  In order to move forward in the hiring process, the candidate will need to complete questions asked on this document and attest that they have not experienced any of the listed automatic disqualifiers.  Candidates who have experienced any of the listed automatic disqualifiers will not be allowed to move forward in the hiring process.

To view a list of these automatic disqualifiers, please follow the Automatic Disqualifier link.  

Testing Process

Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned components, candidates will be invited to participate in a structured testing process to help determine their suitability for employment with the Port of Seattle Police Department. The Port of Seattle Police Department lateral police officer testing process consisting of an oral interview. In order to successfully move on to the next step in the hiring process, candidates will need to achieve a minimum overall lateral police officer oral board score of 70%. Candidates failing to achieve a passing score of 70% or higher will be ineligible to retest for 6 months.

This testing process for lateral applicants is generally held on the second Thursday of each month. However, due to the potential of scheduling conflicts, lateral applicants should not make any plans to attend a testing event prior to being notified and scheduled by Port of Seattle's Human Resources regarding a specific testing date.

Pre-Screen Questionnaire

Successful oral board candidates may be selected to move forward in the hiring process and participate in a pre-screen question and answer session with an investigator as the first step in the background investigation process.

Background Information Packet

Selected candidates will be directed to a web-based Personal History Questionnaire / Background Packet.  Candidates with have fifteen days to enter all of the required information into this packet and submit it back to the agency.

Background Interview

After all of the background information has been submitted and successfully passes the review process, the candidate will be scheduled for an interview with an assigned background investigator.

Polygraph Examination

Once the background interview has been successfully completed, the candidate will participate in a polygraph exam, generally on the same day as the background interview.

Background Process

Upon successful completion of the polygraph exam, the assigned background investigator will complete the background investigation and submit the results of the investigation to the Office of the Chief of Police.

Interview with the Chief of Police

At the discretion of the Chief of Police, candidates will be selected to participate in an interview with the Chief of Police, or designee, to help determine their suitably for employment with the Port of Seattle Police Department.

Psychological Examination / Doctor’s Physical

After the interview with the Chief of Police, or designee, if a conditional offer of employment is extended to the candidate, the candidate will be expected to pass a psychological examination and a physical examination prior to being presented with a non-conditional offer of employment.

For Inquiries Contact:

Candie Lorenzo
Talent Acquisition Representative
P.O. Box 1209
Seattle, WA 98111

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