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Police Chief Selection Process

The Port of Seattle is seeking a well-rounded, experienced law enforcement professional with excellent interpersonal skills and proven leadership capabilities to lead the Port's Police Department as Chief of Police.  

The Port’s hiring process includes:

  • Working with a professional search firm to recruit candidates
  • Engaging industry and community stakeholders to provide impressions of finalist candidates
  • A diverse internal hiring panel
  • A virtual public forum for candidates to respond to questions submitted by the community

The Port began recruiting for candidates in spring 2022 and expects to make a final decision this summer.

Virtual public forum

The Port held a virtual public forum for tenants, customers, and community members to meet the police chief finalist candidates on June 27. Attendees were invited to submit the chief finalists in advance of the event. View the video of the public forum below.

About the Department and Chief of Police

Port of Seattle police officers and civilian employees provide primary law enforcement services to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and more than 30 miles of waterfront property, piers, marinas, and cargo and cruise ship terminals.  

The Department serves the community in many ways such as dispatching and responding to 911 calls, assisting the public, providing proactive patrol, and facilitating the safe and expeditious movement of traffic.  
Officers routinely interact with a diverse population and a large number of different local and federal agencies. 

The Chief of Police is responsible for all functions and activities of the Police Department, including human resource management, planning actions, department management, management of inter-agency relations and community relations, and performs administrative duties and related work as required.  
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