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Procurement Documents

Procurement Documents for Service Agreements

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Service Agreements

  • CC-2-Ethics and Conflict of Interest
    • Potential Proposers: Consultants are obligated to disclose perceived or real conflicts of interest.  Please review the CC-2 Policy.  Contact the Port’s Central Procurement Office representative identified in the solicitation (“CPO Representative”) to request a determination from the Director of the Central Procurement Office.

    • Conflict of Interest Determination Guidance: External COI Determination Guidance.docx

    • Conflict of Interest Determination Process Flowchart: External COI Process Flow Chart.pdf

    • A COI submittal form to help guide submit relevant facts: COI Determination Submittal

    • Upon receipt of your request, the CPO Representative will contact you for additional information.  The Port will contact you once a determination is made. The process may take up to two (2) weeks.


  • Protest Procedures

Small Works

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