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In Remembrance

September 11, 2001 was a devastating blow to the country, a tragic loss of life, and something forever imprinted upon the fabric of those in the fire service. Today we remember the lives lost and the bravery of those who ran towards danger while everyone else fled to safety. Please take a moment to reflect upon not just the loss, but how after, we all pulled together. Everything changed after that day. National efforts were made to assure there was interagency cooperation and communication. New training and safety standards were developed. Firefighters across the country came together for fundraising and awareness activities on a level never seen before. We remember those who have fallen, and we can honor them by being the very best we can be.

*Photo taken inside a damaged building a Ground Zero, NYC, September 2001, by retired POSFD Firefighter Tom Sanchez. Pictured in photo are (left to right) retired POSFD Asst. Chief Jim West, retired Firefighter Billy Jones, and retired Fire Chief Mike Mandella.

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