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For several years we have been under construction with major improvements that will open or make major progress this year.  However, as a top 10 North American airport, it’s not enough to simply improve our facilities. We also must constantly improve our passenger programs and service. I am so pleased that today we reach a major customer service milestone for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by announcing a distinct SEA brand and identity.

We developed the brand identity to improve the customer experience by putting the customer at the center of our work. At the same time, the brand identity should improve your professional experience at SEA by bringing more clarity and cohesion for the hundreds of large and small decisions we make every day. For an airport in growth mode, the brand identity will also help us continue to attract the best talent and partners.

Why do we need a brand identity?

Our customers deserve a consistently excellent travel experience, one that reflects their interests and demonstrates our values. A distinct brand creates a promise for customers, and guidance to staff, for the kind of experience we will create.

What is the SEA brand identity?

At SEA, we promise to create through a passionate service culture, an elevated travel experience that’s inspired by the original nature of the Pacific Northwest.

That is our new brand promise.

The brand’s values of Helpful, Efficient, Discovery, Original and Natural will be the DNA of our branded airport experience and will be the reference points for how we prioritize our resources and make decisions with the customer at the center of all we do. We’re also introducing the tagline, Every day. Elevate. This captures the brand promise with an easy, memorable phrase about the commitment we should each have every day to elevate the travel experience at SEA.

 What does this mean for me?

The SEA brand represents a significant commitment to improving the customer experience at our airport and that ultimate success depends upon each of us.  

  • “Helpfulness” is a primary emphasis in the SEA brand and is an area where we all can play a role. We have an intentional sense of helpfulness and anticipate and commit to customer needs. We are proactive problem solvers. In every action you take at the airport, ask if there is a way to be more helpful for our customers.  
  • Wear a bright green lanyard that readily identifies employees as sources of assistance. We're encouraging all airport staff with lanyards to switch to this new look as a visible commitment to serving our customers.
  • Explore new services we will offer the traveling public. We revealed a new web landing page,, which will enable travelers to more quickly find information and an active recruitment effort to expand our Airport Volunteer program. We also re-establish a fully staffed information desk at Checkpoint 3 and promote the SEA Visitor Pass program.
  • Live Every day. Elevate. Seek ways to elevate the customer experience every day by delivering incredible service and always looking for opportunities for improvement.
  • Spread the word about the new airport brand via social media. You can share these posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

What’s next?

You’ll start to see the SEA visual mark, in conjunction with the full airport name, in locations at the airport, including updated uniforms for our customer service representatives (Pathfinders) and the airport volunteers.  

We know people will be eager to understand if the airport name is changing (it’s not) and may be wondering about the nick-name “Sea-Tac.” Though the nickname Sea-Tac will be less prominent, it’s a name local people know and love. We recognize people will continue to use it, and that’s great!

The airport identity is much more than a logo. It is about the ways each of us, whether we are employed by the Port of Seattle or by an airport partner, can serve the traveling public and contribute toward creating an elevated and seamless customer experience at SEA. Thank you for joining us in bringing this brand promise to reality.


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