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Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee

Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee

The Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee (NAC) is composed of representatives of the Magnolia Community Council and Queen Anne Community Council. Together with representatives of the Port of Seattle, NAC operates within the terms of the Terminal 91 Short Fill Redevelopment Agreement (as amended 1985 and 1998).

The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Port's headquarters at Pier 69. Meetings are chaired by Weldon Ihrig, a neutral facilitator.

​Magnolia Community Council: 

  • Lynn Hogan, President, Magnolia Community Council
  • Fred Rapaport
  • Stephanie MacKeen
  • Bruce Carter
  • Janis Traven

Queen Anne Community Council:

  • Ellen Monrad, President, Queen Anne Community Council
  • Denny Bird
  • Don Harper
  • Jim Smith
  • Erik Smith

Meeting Minutes for November, 2018

Terminal 91 Traffic Report, 2018

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