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Honor Guard

Port of Seattle Police Honor Guard

The Port of Seattle Police Department's Honor Guard Team has been a proud tradition for many years. Members represent the Port of Seattle and the Police Department at many ceremonies and formal events, regardless of the hour, weather conditions or venue. The Honor Guard presents and posts the American flag and State of Washington flag at Port events such as: TSA Awards ceremonies, Veteran’s Day Ceremony, 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, the Community Giving Campaign Ceremony, the Port of Seattle Police Officer of the Year Ceremony, and other events or ceremonies.

Outside the Port of Seattle, the Honor Guard coordinates the honor guard team in other agencies to pay respects to fallen members of police and fire departments at their memorial services. The Honor Guard's attendance at these events shows support for the families and recognition for the ultimate sacrifice made in the line of duty. They also represent the Port of Seattle Police Department at the annual recognition of fallen officers at the State of Washington's Law Enforcement Memorial in Olympia every May.

Membership requires devotion and commitment to Honor Guard standards of ethics, honor and integrity.

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