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Travelers who inadvertently pack a prohibited item in their carry-on luggage have the option of mailing it home from one of the self-service Mail It Home kiosks, conveniently located near every security checkpoint post.

The kiosks are set up for mailing small items like tools, scissors, and pocketknives. A list of items that cannot be mailed, including lighters, ammunition, and pressurized containers, is posted at each kiosk. Items that are weapons have to be ground shipped so they may take longer to ship to the final destination. There also are size and weight requirements. The item must fit in the provided plastic bags and be weighed on the kiosk's scale.

You can reach out to Mail it Home directly to see the status of your shipment by email at or by phone (704) 659-2423

Oversized items can be taken to the in the Baggage Claim level between carousels 12 and 13. Travelers can pay at self-service kiosks by cash, MasterCard or Visa. Items are shipped in bubble mailers by uninsured 1st class.

Destination Fee Estimated Delivery Time
U.S. domestic $12 3-10 days
Canada $18 3-10 days
International $25 3-15 days
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