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Duwamish River Community Hub

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*50% discount on Hub rental venue fees until August 31, 2022*
The Hub from the intersection of 14th Ave South and Cloverdale Street

The Duwamish River Community Hub is a place-based economic development resource center in the Duwamish Valley. This community asset is managed by the Port of Seattle in partnership with the Duwamish Valley Port Community Action Team (PCAT) to fulfil Resolution 3767, the Duwamish Valley Community Benefits Commitment. Please note that all proposed uses must align with Port-related career pathways.

Located in the heart of the South Park business district, the Hub address is 8600 14th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108. It has 4 bookable areas and equipment for your events, is accessible by King Country Metro bus lines (Route #s 131, 132, 60), and has its own gated parking lot.

Are you organizing events, workshops, and trainings to support economic justice in the Duwamish Valley? If your event aligns with the Port's economic development areas listed below, come host your event at the Hub!

  • Maritime and or Aviation Industry (ex: Fishing, Boating, Shipping, Cargo Handling, Cruise, Engineering, Airport Operations, Airport Dining and Retail, Aviation and Maritime Safety, Freight Movement and Transportation, Tourism and Travel)
  • Economic Development (ex: Small Businesses and WMBEs)
  • Workforce Development (ex: Skilled Trades and Construction)
  • Environment and Sustainability (ex: Green Jobs, Water and Clean Air, Remediation and Clean Up, Energy and Climate Change, Habitat and Natural Resources)
Step 2) At least two weeks prior to your event, email the completed Rental Application to Port staff will get back to you within 3-5 business days to confirm we have received your request.
Step 3) Schedule a venue tour either in-person or online with Port staff.
Step 4) Confirm booking and payment details with Port staff.


Questions? Email Community Engagement staff Peaches Thomas and Christina Billingsley at


In 2019, Duwamish Valley community members worked with Port staff to pass Port Resolution 3767, the Duwamish Valley Community Benefits Commitment. To implement the policy, the Port established the Duwamish Valley Community Equity Program (DVCEP). The program's three-year work plan identified an immediate need for the Port to invest in anti-displacement measures that enable community members to thrive economically in place. Specifically, the community advised the Port to explore investing in a place-based job and information resource center in the Duwamish Valley to connect local workers and small businesses to Port-related careers and economic opportunities. With guidance from the community advisory group, the Duwamish Valley Port Community Action Team (PCAT), the Port is now leasing a space in the heart of South Park, the Duwamish River Community Hub, to support this vision.


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