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Airport Training

DecorativeThese courses are optional and at no cost to all airport employees

Explore SEA- Employee Welcome and Walking Tour

Conference Center at SEA (Amsterdam)  
Friday, March 31st
Wednesday, April 26th
Wednesday, May 24th
Wednesday, June 21st

New Employee Welcome 1-2 PM- This one-hour event welcomes new airport employees and provides information about working at SEA. Topics include navigating the airport, customer experience, employee recognition, and emergency preparedness. These sessions are aviation focused, voluntary and in addition to onboarding activities.

Walking Tour 2-3:30 PM- We will walk pre-security areas in the main terminal (Mezzanine, Ticketing, Baggage Claim, and Parking Terminal). This tour is approximately 1.5 hours long and is intended to provide additional knowledge of specific locations to aide in your ability to help airport customers. You may attend part or walk the entirety of the tour.

*You will receive an email confirmation upon registration.

Register for the Explore SEA- Employee Welcome

Register for the Explore SEA- Walking Tour
The Walking Tour immediately follows the Explore SEA- New Employee Welcome from 1-2 PM. Ensure that you register both for the same date.


Non-Escalation, De-Escalation and Aggressive Behavior Management 


This course will give you new tools, skills and awareness to help you feel more confident in dealing with difficult and challenging communication situations!  

We will cover how to identify threat indicators and gateway behaviors to violence, recognize and understand the basics of the science of proxemics - how to use your space to keep yourself safe.

You'll also learn about non-escalation and de-escalation communication techniques, as well as what to look for and how and when to appropriately involve Port Police.  

Please contact Darlesa Cahoon if you would like to attend an upcoming session.


Self-Paced eLearning available to all airport employees

Excellent Customer Service for People with Disabilities  This course covers the basics of disability sensitivity, accessible facilities and services available at SEA, commonly accepted terminology, and includes helpful resources for better customer service at our airport.

Flights to Freedom-Human Trafficking Prevention Training for the Aviation Industry  This course covers what human trafficking is, how to identify, respond to potential incidents, and how to prevent human trafficking at our airport. Both employee and manager modules are available.

Courses available on the SEA Airport Online Portal


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Excellent Customer Service for Customers with Disabilities

5 Star Customer Service at SEA   


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