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Auditory and Vision Assistance

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Auditory AssistanceHearing loop logo: an ear crossed by a diagonal bar with a 'T' in lower right

SEA is piloting a T-coil hearing aid loop project that utilizes hearing loop technology to amplify sound for passengers with T-coil hearing aids, which can be helpful in areas where there is background noise, such as a gate holdroom.

Hearing loop induction systems are available at select locations at SEA, including Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and jetBlue ticketing and service counters, gates and baggage claim. Please request this service from your airline customer service representative.

Vision Assistance

Aira logo: a white lower case 'a' in a blue circleIn 2018, the Port of Seattle began partnering with Aira (pronounced EYE-rah) to help people who are blind and low vision safely navigate the airport. Aira connects users to live agents via a mobile app and/or assistive smart glasses to navigate every step of the airport, from the curb and check-in area all the way to the gate.

SEA is the first airport on the west coast and among the first airports in the nation to join the Aira Airport Network. The Port's free minutes plan covers the cost for any travelers using the Aira service. Guests can connect to the "SEA-FREE-WIFI" network for Wi-Fi access at the airport.

Please see our full announcement post about this program for additional information.

A man holding a cell phone up to an airport departures board
 Frequent passenger Larry Watkinson uses Aira to check his departure details. More experiences and travel tips from Larry's airport walkthrough.

Visual Paging Information

All flight information display screens at SEA include visual paging information at the bottom of the screen.


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