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Train Terminal Overview
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Terminal Overview

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) consists of one terminal with 6 gates. On the south end A, B and S gates and on the north end D, C and N gates, these can all be accessed with our North and South train systems to get from one side of the terminal to the other quickly, you can see a User's Guide to the Trains at SEA to be a pro in getting where you need to go.

The B Concourse Exit will be closed for four months for repairs, during this time both the entrance and the exit ends will be closed off and secured with barricades. During this closure directional signage will be available in the exit area to direct passengers to the A & C Exit Lanes as well as the interactive map for alternative route directions.

Printable Directories by Location:

Please use our interactive map for the most accurate maps and step-by-step directions throughout the airport and view an expanded SEA Airport Terminal Map.  Signage and staff are available in the terminal to help guide you to all your destinations!
Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation Central Terminal Ticketing International Arrivals Facility
A Concourse B Concourse C Concourse Airport Terminal 
D Concourse N Concourse S Concourse

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