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Lander Street Bridge Project

The current S. Lander St. configuration does not meet our standards on efficiency for people or freight, safety or environmental impact. For over 20 years, multiple government agencies identified a need to build a bridge over the railroad tracks on S Lander St. between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S to improve freight mobility and safety.

Every day, the street serves 13,000 vehicles (approximately 16% of which are trucks) and 1,400 pedestrians. Many of the pedestrians are traveling to and from the adjacent SODO light rail station.

Lander Street is closed over 4.5 hours each day for train crossings. This leads to travel delays, lost revenues, increased idling and carbon dioxide emissions and safety risks.

This crossing ranks in the top 0.5% nationwide for highest risk at-grade crossings by the Federal Rail Administration. There have been three pedestrian fatalities since 2011 at this location resulting from train impact.

The project will increase safety by separating trains from people driving, walking and riding bikes and creates an unimpeded access point for emergency responders. The bridge also provides access between regional transit hubs and employment centers.

In addition, several safety features are being included as part of the S. Lander St. Bridge design, including lighting, barriers, graffiti coatings, and fencing as well as eliminating items that have the potential to create unwanted or nuisance uses use including benches, obscured areas, or low-utilization parking.

The S. Lander St. Bridge will enhance mobility in this critical freight corridor and improve safety for all users. It will also divert commuters and non-port related vehicles from other more crowded terminal corridors such as South Spokane Street.

The Safe and Swift Corridor Program will also provide opportunities to improve the Spokane Street Corridor for multiple stakeholders, especially West Seattle residents. Spokane Street is critical for the future of Terminal 5. The redevelopment of Terminal 5 is a key project the Northwest Seaport Alliance, the Port’s joint venture with the Port of Tacoma.


The City of Seattle estimates the Lander Street project to cost $123 million. The Port will contribute a total of $15 million.

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