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Aircraft Noise Monitoring System


The Port of Seattle operates a system of 24 noise monitors located throughout the greater Seattle area. The majority of the monitors are placed in close-in communities within 5 miles of the airport. Other monitors are placed farther out to capture aircraft overflight noise for various arrival and departure flight paths. Data from the noise monitoring system provides a general perspective on aircraft noise and is not intended to be inclusive of every community. Noise monitors are just one component of a very comprehensive suite of tools the Port uses to understand aircraft noise impacts. Other tools include monitoring and tracking flight paths, types of aircraft being flown, winds, runway usage and periodically performing sophisticated modeling of the impacts. 


Noise Monitor Number Approximate Location
SEA01 Air Cargo Building - South 161st St, SeaTac
SEA03 Maple Leaf Reservoir Park - 1020 NE 82nd St, Seattle
SEA4b Catherine Blaine School - 2550 34th Ave West, Seattle
SEA05 Medina Elementary - 8001 NE 8th St, Medina
SEA06 Hamilton Viewpoint Park - 1311 Palm Ave SW, Seattle
SEA07 Central Area Senior Center - 500 30th Ave S, Seattle
SEA08 Mercer View Community Center - 8236 SE 34th St, Mercer Island
SEA09 Jefferson Park - 1600 Dakota St, Seattle
SEA10 Brighton Playfield - 6000 39th Ave S, Seattle
SEA11 Beverly Park School - 1201 S 104th St, Burien
SEA12 2260 S 126th St, Burien
SEA13 Cedarhurst Elementary - 611 S 132nd St, Burien
SEA14 North Clear Zone - 1530 26th Ave S, SeaTac
SEA15 Sylvester Middle School - 16222 Sylvester Rd, Burien
SEA16 Chinook Middle School - 18650 42nd Ave S, SeaTac
SEA17 1217 S 207th St, SeaTac
SEA18 1205 S 226th St, Des Moines
SEA19 Midway Elementary - 22447 24th Ave S, Des Moines
SEA20 Parkside Elementary - 2104 S 247th, Des Moines
SEA21 Mark Twain Elementary - 2450 Star Lake Rd, Federal Way
SEA22 Sacajawea Jr High - 1101 Dash Point Rd, Federal Way
SEA23 Meredith Hills Elementary - 5830 S 300th St, Auburn
SEA25 Twin Lakes Elementary - 4400 42nd Pl SW, Federal Way
SEA28 Woodmont Elementary - 26454 16th Ave S, Des Moines

Information about raw noise data can be found on our raw noise data fact sheet

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