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Offering market competitive pay is a core Total Rewards principle. It’s one way the Port demonstrates that you are a valued and important member of our team:

Our Pay-for-Performance Philosophy

Non-represented employees may be eligible for annual performance-based pay increases in conjunction with the Port's performance management program, known as PerformanceLink

    Pay Grades and Salary Ranges (for non-represented jobs)

    Each non-represented job at the Port has a corresponding pay grade and range. The ranges establish the minimum and maximum pay that employees can receive for performing jobs assigned to a particular range. Each year, the Port conducts a comprehensive market pricing study to determine how well the Port's existing pay ranges align with the external market and makes adjustments when necessary to ensure that our pay ranges remain competitive.

    Payday/Holiday Calendar

    The calendar shows paydays for employees on a biweekly pay schedule as well as our official Port paid holidays. More information about Port holidays is available on the Leave/Time Off page.

    Compensation Philosophy (for non-represented employees)

    Consistent with the Total Rewards Philosophy, the Port is committed to providing a fair and competitive non-represented compensation program that attracts, retains, and rewards employees who support the Port’s mission and values.

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