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Travel Personality: Procrastination Pro

You’re a finely-honed travel machine who doesn’t waste time on over planning and trusts that everything will come together in the end. You don’t want to miss out on last-minute deals and thrive on serendipity. You’re always on the lookout for travel shortcuts and quick options to get you on your way when you’re up against the clock. It’s exhilarating!

For insight on why people procrastinate at the airport, read this article from The Atlantic.

Before you go

You like to play it loose and free, but a minute of homework can save you lots of time. Download the FlySEA app to see which checkpoint to take. And check TSA regulations to make sure you aren’t bringing any restricted items through security that might slow your roll.

Getting here

To go with the flow, your best bet is to take an app-based rideshare to SEA Airport. The on-demand service is convenient for your schedule and will get you from home to the security checkpoint without the mad scramble.

Looking for other ways to simplify your travel? Download the FlySEA App for updated  security checkpoint wait times and an interactive travel map to help you find the closest grab-and-go or coffee stand on the way to your gate. Use the time during your ride to multitask and peruse checkpoint wait times and flight information on the go so you can hit the ground (literally) running when you arrive at the airport. 

Best traveler program for you

You've got better things to do than apply 18 months ahead for a trusted traveler program. SEA Spot Saver is just the ticket. Go to the web to reserve a timed entry to the TSA Security line the night before or even on the way to the airport.  It’s free, no membership required, and you can travel with your whole party of live-in -the-moments with the same entry time. 

At the airport 

Using the Trusted Traveler programs and SEA Airport App to speed through security just might buy you a couple extra minutes to grab some food and grab a gift for a family member before your flight.

Food on the run is just your style! Take advantage of the many Grab-and-Go options available at SEA. Dish D’Lish, located at the end of the C Concourse, offers healthy, fresh options like a chicken sandwich with apple chutney and chive goat cheese, protein-packed savory egg bite, chia oat berry cups, or Mediterranean quinoa salad. Stop by Lucky Louie Fish Shack™ in the Central Terminal and pick up a NW-inspired seafood classic such as shrimp Louie or shrimp cocktail, or stop by the waffle window for a creamy cheesecake-filled sweet waffle fish. Pick up a pizza slice, pasta, sandwich, or salad at Pallino Pastaria, also located in the Central Terminal. Head over to Camden Food Co. on the D Concourse and use a Scan and Pay kiosk to ring up your sandwich or salad. 

As a procrastination pro, you may have left that gift for your family member or friend until the last minute. Never fear. We’ve got you! The retail shops at SEA will sate any taste and there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need on the run to your gate. Make a stop at The New Stand for a new hat or tote, one of the three Fireworks locations for unique gifts and art, or glassybaby for beautiful hand-blown glass votive candle holders in a rainbow of colors.

With one million square feet being built new or renovated, SEA Airport is going from now to WOW. If you're running late, these tips will help you navigate around construction and get your to your gate in (just) enough time. 

Wishing you a low stress travel experience and a vacation filled with excitement and spontaneity. May your mad dash through the airport be quick and uneventful and the gate still open when you arrive for your flight. 

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