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App Based Rideshare

Uber and Lyft

The majority of Lyft and Uber pick-up on the 3rd floor of the airport parking garage. Premium Uber rides like Uber Black meet at the baggage claim-level door the passenger selects.

Getting picked up at SEA Airport

Passengers can find the majority of app based rideshare pick-up areas in the middle of the 3rd floor of the on-site parking garage in the marked stall numbers 1 - 34 in the orange and purple sections of the garage.

To access the app based rideshare pick-up area, passengers will go across the skybridges located a level below ticketing and a level above baggage claim and go down one level to the 3rd floor. There is wayfinding signage that refers to app-based ride share throughout the terminal and the bag claim area to direct passengers to the TNC pick up area. From there, please use a crosswalk to navigate to the marked stall numbers 1 - 34 located near the center of the garage. To ensure the safety of passengers and drivers, please wait until your assigned vehicle has parked before boarding.

Where do I meet my Lyft or Uber upon arrival at SEA?

  • All Lyft rides: 3rd floor of parking garage
  • UberPool and UberX: 3rd floor of parking garage
  • Uber Black: Passenger-selected door outside of baggage claim

For navigation assistance from the terminal to the 3rd floor of the garage, please use our interactive map or download the flySEA App for step-by-step directions.

Needing accessibility assistance? Please have your driver contact Ground Transportation at (206) 787-5906 for further information.

DecorativeGetting dropped off at SEA

During peak times, the airport drives can become congested causing delays for an arriving app-based rideshare vehicle. Arrivals drives are often congested at night time from 8 p.m. to midnight. Departure drives are often congested in the mornings from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.  Traffic at the airport increases around weekends, holidays, and summer travel. To avoid traffic, think opposite! Use the alternate drive that is experiencing congestion to get to your gate faster.

Passengers using app-based rideshare at SEA will be dropped off at the terminal on the airport drives. During peak congestion times, your assigned driver may drop you off on the Arrival or Departure drives to help avoid traffic and get you to your gate faster. If you are dropped off for your departing flight on the arrival/baggage claim level, you can take the elevator or escalator quickly to the ticketing level.

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