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Five Ways We’re Here to Help at SEA

January 29, 2020

We get that travel can be stressful. From coordinating travel to the airport, to making sure you leave yourself enough time to get through security, to finding a healthy and delicious bite to eat before your flight, even the best laid plans can go awry. The good news is you are not traveling alone — we’re here to help make your travel experience a little easier, more efficient, and hopefully, a little more fun. Whether you’re just starting your journey, you’re here for a quick layover, or you’re returning home, we’re here to help. 

Read on for five resources that can help you navigate the airport like a travel pro and discover something to love about SEA. 

1. Ask a Pathfinder — Feeling confused or overwhelmed? Our Pathfinders team dressed in green are the true superheroes of the airport. They work diligently to save the day for disoriented travelers. They also help airport operations run a little smoother by organizing security lines, directing travelers to the shortest line, and answering your burning questions. Pathfinders are in constant communication with the airlines, airport duty managers, and TSA to get you the most-up-to-date information. You can find them roaming the terminal, providing assistance to passengers just like you. Or, if you are near Security Checkpoint #3, we’re here to help you at the new Customer Service desk. 

Pathfinders are here to help

2. Use Accessibility Services — We want your experience at SEA to be easy, safe, and comfortable. Whether you are visiting Seattle, passing through, or accompanying someone else, we’re here to help.  If you or someone you are traveling with requires assistance, the first tip is to plan ahead to avoid any delay or inconvenience during your visit. 

Curb to Ticket Counter

  • SEA provides wheelchair service from curbside or parking to the ticket counter. Call (206) 246-1550 to set up service in advance

Ticket Counter to Gate

  • Airlines provide wheelchair service from ticketing to your gate. Call your airline to set up assistance from ticketing to your gate, assistance boarding a plane, specific seat assignments, medication storage, or dietary needs. 


  • The TSA Cares helpline can provide information and assistance to prepare for airport screening procedures, including an escort through security. Contact TSA Cares or phone (855) 787-2227 about 72 hours before traveling.

SEA offers services and tools that can help make the airport a little easier to navigate.

SEA offers services and tools that can help make the airport a little easier to navigate:

  • Visual assistance navigating SEA with Aira technology.
  • A hearing loop that improves the clarity of sound for our passengers with T-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants, and hearing instruments
  • Sunflower lanyards for passengers with hidden disabilities that communicate that travelers may need extra help. Request a free sunflower lanyard at the SEA customer service desk near Security Checkpoint #3 or ask a Pathfinder
  • Additional wheelchair transportation options for taxi and rideshare
  • A Meditation/Quiet Room that offers a quiet place for travelers, located before security on the mezzanine level of the airport above Checkpoint 3, next to the Badging Office and Lost and Found. This room is nondenominational and is open every day at all hours​​​​​

3.    Get Appy — Looking for fastest TSA security checkpoint line, the closest dining options to your gate, or the fastest transportation to get you to downtown Seattle? Help is just one download away. Find these answers, plus an interactive terminal map, flight tracker and alerts, and a reminder of where you parked in the palm of your hand with the SEA Airport App and fast and free Wi-Fi. 

Do you have a question, suggestion, concern, or shout out? We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to chat on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and we’ll get back to you. Or drop us an email.

Download the SEA App

4.    Lost and Found — Everyone gets overwhelmed when traveling and it’s easy to lose your stuff. Maybe you left your scarf at a security checkpoint or your cell phone sitting where you had your preflight poke. Don’t panic, check in with the Lost and Found Office. If you’re still at the airport, visit the office on the Mezzanine level above Checkpoint 3 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The interactive map on the app can give you step by step navigation. If you’re on the road, you can call (206) 787-5312 or file a report online. After you submit your Lost Property Report it will take one or two days to process after your item is turned in.

Lost and Found

5.    SEA Visitor Pass — Make moments matter by spending extra time with your loved ones before they fly out.  With SEA Visitor Pass, up to 200 non-ticketed visitors can enter the terminal between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week. You can apply online the same day you want to enter or up to seven days in advance. After becoming a permanent program in December, this program is already sparking joy with our travelers and their loved ones. One traveler, Sarah, used the program to get some help from her mother to get her toddler Emilee to the gate. After going through security, they spent a few extra minutes together over breakfast. Emilee got to watch airplanes and get some extra snuggles from Grandma while they watched planes take off and land. With SEA Visitor Pass, there are many ways to make your travel experience a little easier and a little more joyful. The possibilities are endless.

More information on SEA Visitor Pass: 

SEA Visitor Pass

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