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SEA's Love Letter to You

February 14, 2022

Travel is more than getting from one place to another. It’s about connecting with our people, exploring new and beloved places, getting business done, and so much more. Travel is also about staying mentally and physically healthy, managing stress, and knowing what to expect along the way.  

Whatever your travel mood, we have the amenities, programs, and spaces at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to make your journey more predictable, bring you peace of mind, and help you fly well. You deserve it after the last two years.  

An infographic about the FlyWell program
Meet FlyWell @ SEA: a campaign for your experience, health and wellness. 

Coming off recently earning the Skytrax 4-Star Airport Rating – the travel industry's prestigious rating system – here are some improvements to boost your travel confidence and make your airport experience less stressful.  

Health and safety that evolves with the pandemic  

In response to COVID-19 in 2020, we introduced the globally accredited and award-winning FlyHealthy@SEA program to protect the health of travelers and SEA employees. The program continues to evolve with the pandemic and includes mandatory face coverings, escalated cleaning and disinfection, physical distancing, and new touchless technologies. Breathe easier knowing air filtration and ventilation system constantly circulates fresh, outdoor air through the terminal and uses filters that capture 90% of COVID-19 sized particles. 

Unlock your knowing  

Not knowing what to do next is one of the most stressful parts of navigating the airport. These tips will boost your confidence and sense of control to skip the line and add predictability.  

  • Before you get to the airport, talk to us with Ask SEA, a voice app for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can ask your device airport-related questions for quick answers.  
  • Plan ahead to park and save yourself some time and stress. Use Pre-Booked Parking to book and pay in advance of arrival. Drive your own vehicle and scan your booking QR code on your phone at garage entry and exit. 
    • Coming soon: The parking garage shows you the way to an empty spot with green and red colored lights to indicate if a parking stall is available and blue lights to spotlight accessible parking stalls.  
  • Download (or update!) the flySEA App. See checkpoint wait times and use the interactive map to navigate the airport. 
  • Use SEA Spot Saver to reserve your spot in the TSA general screening security line for free. RSVP up to 72 hours before travel for flights between 5:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 
    • Already enrolled in TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR? Great! Continue to use those expedited security programs to get you through the lines faster.  
  • Eat with Order SEA, a mobile food ordering service with an option for gate delivery, for food from all over the airport.  
  • Spend more time with your loved ones with SEA Visitor Pass! This program allows non-ticketed guests to enter the secure side of the airport to send off and meet loved ones.  

Fill your cup  

It’s all about you and making your trip easy and comfortable.  

  • Fuel up on nourishing eats before your flight to boost energy and immunity. Floret serves up an exclusively plant-based menu near Gate A1. Evergreens whips up made-to-order salad, wraps, and grain bowls in the Central Terminal. Find dining options on the flySEA App. 
  • Spend it like it matters at the local, small businesses.
  • Find holistic healing with Terminal Getaway Spa near Gates A5 and C2 for massage and nail care. Or, stop by GCG across from Gate C1 for CBD topicals and tinctures. 
  • Get away from the bustle and noise to pump, breast, or bottle feed in the nursing suites, rooms and pods
  • Hydrate at more than a dozen water refill stations. Use the interactive map or FlySEA App to find the closest one. 
  • Soothe your eco-anxiety  by offsetting your flight’s carbon emissions and investing in sustainable projects with the Good Traveler.    

Take up space  

Bespoke feels better, amirite? Use these amenities and spaces to customize how the airport works for you. 

  • Take time in the Sensory Room, a quiet area designed to reduce the stress of travel for those with neurological or developmental disabilities. This calming environment is good for those who may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by the multitude of sights and sounds at the airport.  
  • Stop by the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room that welcomes all faiths and beliefs as an inclusive and peaceful place for meditation, worship, and reflection. 
  • The airport’s art collection adds to your travel experience by augmenting the aesthetics of the terminal and creating a Pacific Northwest sense of place. Go art seeing with these featured artworks.  
  • SEA incorporates connections to the outdoors to support the wellness of travelers and airport workers. From daylighting that reinforces circadian rhythms to biophilic art, you can find nature at SEA such as indoor plants near Gate D25 or beautiful evergreen trees along the A Concourse.  

Carefree communication 

  • Leave something behind? Airport Lost & Found is located across from Bag Clam Carousel 13 that easier to find so you can find your missing items. This new location is double the size for a faster customer service. 
  • Look for the SEA Pathfinders and airport volunteers in bright green to answer any questions. The airport’s customer care team is here to help you over social media, text messages, on the phone, and emails. (They really want to help, and that’s why SEA won Skytrax’s 2021 World Airport Award for Best Airport Staff in North America). 
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A SEA Pathfinder helps travelers with where to go

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