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Currents by Weston Lambert

Title: Currents
Artist: Weston Lambert
Year: 2020
Medium: Glass
Dimensions: 7’5”x 3’3” x 4”

Description of the artwork

Inside the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room is a warmly lit, quiet space full of wood accents and areas to focus on one’s spirituality. Seattle-based artist Weston Lambert adds to the space with a mural of emerald-colored glass titled Currents. Modeled after the shape of brainwaves that occur during meditation and prayer, the wave-like forms and cool tones also reference the Pacific Northwest’s abundance of water. Like the contemplative state one feels when watching light move across the waves of Puget Sound, this kinetic mural of light enables a moment of pause and repose amidst the hectic din of travel.

About the artist

Originally from Utah, Weston Lambert currently lives and works in Tacoma, WA. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tulane University in 2012 and has worked as an educator at many renowned institutions. He is a sculptor using primarily glass, metal, and stone, which he employs in an innovative and contemporary fashion. Lambert isn’t new to replicating nature in his art. He is also well-known for his small-scale glass sculptures that incorporate rare gems and minerals.
“[Lambert’s] roots as a sculptor can be traced to his father's wood shop and an impactful early encounter with the Louvre's Nike of Samothrace.” - From the artist's website 

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