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South King County Community Impact Fund Economic Development Contracts

The South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF) was established to develop equity-based partnerships and provide resources and support in historically underserved, ethnically, and culturally diverse near-airport communities. A portion of this funding helps support the following economic development programs that are instrumental in building partnerships and pathways with our South King County neighbors.

Advanced Port Gen Workshops: To ensure small/WMBE businesses are able to fully compete for Port contracts, the Diversity in Contracting Department is partnering with the US Department of Transportation's Small Business Transportation Resource Center to provide an opportunity for interested firms to learn the knowledge and skills required to successfully compete for and complete construction related projects. 

Port Gen Accelerator: In 2021, Port of Seattle and Find Ventures teamed up to create an accelerator for the small business community of minority and women-owned businesses in Seattle. This Small Business Innovation Accelerator brings the expertise and networks of the Seattle entrepreneurship community, plus the mentorship and expertise of the Port of Seattle, together to support small businesses with access to demonstrations, mentoring support, increased access to funding and commercialization opportunities.

Highline College Partnership: The Port entered into a $160,000 agreement with Highline College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to provide small, woman and minority business enterprises (WMBE) with training and assistance for those interested in doing business with the Port. Assistance provided includes workshops, on-line training, one-on-one technical counseling, and resiliency business planning. In addition, Highline’s StartZone program conducts outreach to existing and aspiring small business owners from different cultural backgrounds (i.e. limited English proficient ).

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