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We make it easy to ride to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, park, and disassemble or assemble your bike.​

Getting to and from the Airport

SEA is centrally located about 13 miles from downtown Seattle and 31 miles from downtown Tacoma.

  • Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail connects to Seattle and allows bikes on board.
  • King County Metro bus service also allows bikes on board and connects to Seattle and a variety of locations in the Seattle metro area.
  • If you’re biking to or from the airport, there are two ways to access the airport on a bike:
    • The north access point is via a pedestrian bridge that connects to the SEA Airport Link light rail station. To access this location from street level, take the elevator northeast of the intersection of Pacific Highway South and South 176th St. To get from the airport to street level, follow the signs for Link Light Rail, then use the walkway from the airport parking garage to the Link light rail station. The pedestrian bridge connects to the mezzanine level of the light rail station. Keep in mind that you don't need to pay a fare to use the light rail station pedestrian bridge and the bridge is closed from midnight to 4 a.m.
    • The south access point is at the intersection of Pacific Highway South and South 182nd St. From Pacific Highway South, travel towards the airport from 182nd St, pass the rental car shuttle and enter through door 4. You will find the bike racks near the door. You can use our interactive map to navigate around the airport and locate all our bike racks.

SEA Bike Parking and Policies

  • If you plan to leave your bike locked overnight, let us know:
  • Bicycles left for more than 2 weeks may be removed.
  • If you need to recycle a bike box after assembling it at the airport, please contact us at or 206-787-5725.
  • SEA is not responsible for damaged, stolen bikes, or components. Lock your bike securely and take removable components with you. The City of Seattle has tips for keeping your bike safe.

Bike Rack Locations

SEA Airport bike storage and parking mapArtirum

  • Convenient location to leave your bike if you’re traveling from the airport’s south entrance.
  • Located near door 4 and baggage claim carousel 2. Under the escalator.
  • Accommodates 20 bikes with 2 racks and 5 stands.
  • On-site tire pump and work-repair stand.

Baggage Claim

  • This is location is recommended if you intend to travel for vacation. Please remember to contact if you plan to leave your bike overnight or for an extended period of time.
  • On-site there are vertical stands with 5 hooks that can accommodate up to 5 bikes.
  • On-site tire pump and work-repair stand.
  • Located between baggage claim carousels 12 and 13 and across from the police booth, near the C and D gate exit.

Skybridge 6

  • The Recommended location for those traveling by Link Light Rail.
  • On-site there are 2 racks with 5 stands, that can accommodate up to 20 bikes.
  • Closest storage spot to light rail is near-by the elevator. 
  • Located on the 4th floor of the parking garage at the end of the light rail walk-way.
  • Intended for short-term storage.

Skybridge 1

  • At this location, there is a single rack with 5 stands, that can accommodate up to 10 bikes.
  • This is the closest storage location to international arrivals.
  • Located on the 4th floor of the parking garage near international gates
  • Intended for short-term storage.

Local Bike Maps

  • The area around the SEA is served by several regional trails that connect to Seattle and other locations in the region, find out where they will take you here.
  • The City of Seattle is very bike friendly with many designated bike lanes and trails to explore.
  • The City of Tacoma is another bike friendly city with lots of beautiful trails around the Pierce County area, plan your travels here.

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