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Cell Phone Lot Access and Air Cargo Road Safety Improvements

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Since the creation of the S 170th Street cell phone lot in 2014, the continued rise in airport traffic has proven this is a popular amenity but is also challenging to access due to congestion. This project creates a new entrance route from the North Airport Expressway to the cell phone lot and implements traffic and pedestrian safety improvements along S 170th Street and Air Cargo Road. The new access will divert incoming traffic away from the congestion at S 170th Street and provide additional capacity improvements for the return to the Main Terminal. 

These roadways serve as primary access routes used by cell phone lot customers, ground transportation, rental car buses, local businesses, and other airport services to-and-from the Main Terminal. Critical roadway construction and traffic safety improvements will begin in 2021.

Planned Improvements

Diagram of planned improvements for the cell phone lot access and air cargo road safety improvements project

  1. Dedicated access route to the cell phone lot - An old roadway bridge will route incoming vehicles off the North Airport Expressway to proceed south towards the new cell phone lot entrance. 
  2. One-way entrance to the cell phone lot - A new dedicated entrance will reduce congestion around the existing cell phone lot entrance/exit. 
  3. Cell phone lot reconfigured. The existing cell phone lot will be reconfigured to support the revised access routes. The cell phone lot traffic signal will be upgraded.
  4. Two new traffic signals - New traffic signals will be added to the Air Cargo Road on-ramp and the off-ramp from the North Airport Expressway to S 170th Street.
  5. New sidewalks and bus stops - Pervious sidewalks supports sustainability efforts, along with new bus stops along Air Cargo Road for improved pedestrian safety.

Additional access and safety improvements along S 170th Street and Air Cargo Road include:

  • Pavement remediation
  • Roadway illumination
  • Landscaping 

Diversity in Contracting

The Port is committed to advancing equity and addressing contracting disparities by increasing the utilization of Women Minority Business Enterprises (WMBE) and other disadvantaged firms. WMBE aspirational goals have been established for the design and construction procurements. 

Anticipated Project Timeline

Commission construction authorization Q4 2020
Construction start Q2 2021
Improved access and traffic safety work complete Q3 2021

Estimated Project Costs

The estimated budget for the overall Air Cargo Road Safety Improvements project is $13.5 million. 

Funding for the project will come from a combination Airport Development Fund and future revenue bonds. As with virtually all airport projects, no tax-payer dollars will be used to fund the project.

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