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Metered and Flat Rate Taxis

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) offers both Flat Rate Taxis and Metered Taxis. Metered taxis charge per mile/time and can be identified with a three-digit vehicle number and are painted a single color. Flat rate taxis offer a flat rate based off zip code and use a four-digit vehicle number and are painted in two colors.

Taxis are stationed on the 3rd floor of the parking garage located on the north and south curb. For assistance to the taxi pick-up location, please use our interactive map.

Taxi Differences Chart

Wheelchair Accessible Vans and 11- seat passenger vans are also available for your convenience. For any questions regarding taxi operations please call (206) 432-9030 to speak with ABM our taxi curbside management team or see the on-site ABM staff.

Cash, card, and various digital payment systems are accepted, please check with your driver for specific details. Prices may vary based on the service type and Taxi/For-Hire Association.

Questions? Please call Ground Transportation Information Booth at (206) 787-5906 and we can help!

Taxi Services

Airport Taxi Lost and Found

Left behind an item in an Airport Cab? Please contact Curbside Management for your lost item.

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