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Services, Amenities and Rates for Active Commercial Fishermen


‌ Services and Amenities

  • Low rates and preferred moorage for active commercial fishing boats
  • 230 slips and more than 9,400 feet of linear moorage in fresh water just one mile from the Hiram Chittenden Locks
  • Electricity: 480 volt / 200 amp / 3-phase, 240 volt / 100 amp, 110 volt / 3 amp twist lock
  • Water: standpipes with 3/4 inch garden hose fittings
  • Garbage and recycling (including oil recycling)
  • On-site forklift and crane rentals, and two electric hoists
  • On-site sewer pump out station
  • Loading docks that accommodate boats up to 250 feet in length and hot work areas (with permit from Seattle Fire Department)
  • Covered and open gear storage available
  • Net repair area available at no cost to monthly moorage customers
  • One shipyard (FVO) and one boatyard (Salmon Bay Boat Yard) on-site
  • 24/7 staffing and security cameras
  • Restrooms and showers
  • Shops, restaurants and office space
  • Free parking up to three days

Moorage and Equipment Rental Rates

The lowest moorage rates at Fishermen’s Terminal are for active commercial fishing vessels. The rate structure recognizes the economic impact of the commercial fishing industry and the fact that Fishermen’s Terminal was built to serve as a homeport for the North Pacific fleet.

Active Fishing Vessel Rates
Size Monthly Rate* Daily Rate
30' - 79' $9.43/ft. $0.89/ft
80' - 125' $13.25/ft $1.22/ft
Over 125' $15.33/ft $1.51/ft
* Monthly rate - based on registered length and include 12.84% leasehold tax
**Daily rate - based on length overall. Vessels staying 30+ consecutive days are subject to 12.84% leasehold tax from 1st day of visit.
Commercial Equipment and Storage Rental Rates
Item Size Per Hour Per Month Minimum
Forklift self-drive Up to 3 tons $73.78 - 1/2 hour
Forklift and operator Up to 3 tons $126.62 - 1 hour
Forklift and operator 3 tons and over $126.62 - 1 hour
Hoist-WWall self operate 3 tons $71.62 - 1/2 hour
Cranes - Dock 9 and 6 self operate 3/4 tons $35.02 - 1/2 hour
Crane - Westwall 3 tons $122.83 - 1/2 hour
Dumpster 1.50 cubic yd.   $79.27 until full
Fenced storage Misc - $0.57/sqft $91.20/mo
Net Shed
Fishing and Commercial  customers 200-700 sqft - $0.73/sqft $146/mo
Uplands tenants 200-700 sqft - $0.79sqft $158/mo
General public 200 - 700 sqft - $0.89/sqft $178/mo
Electricity is charged at Seattle City Light rates

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