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A Successful 2023, Anticipating Impactful Work with the Approved 2024 Budget!

Dec 27, 2023

We take pride in the historic 2024 budget we've approved, creating opportunities for the community, residents, and small businesses. With investments like the $1 billion for operating revenues and a $5.6 billion 5-year capital plan for aviation, maritime, and economic development, we're set for impactful progress.

Our 2024 budget supports increased access to port-related career pathways, including initiatives like Maritime High School, Youth Career Launch Program, Aviation Career Pathways, Construction Trades Pre-Apprenticeship program, and internships. We're committed to furthering economic recovery and environmental sustainability through continued investment in South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF). The budget also supports the Duwamish Valley Community Equity Program, expands shore power connections, and promotes local economic development through partnership grants for King County cities.


Additionally, we're implementing recommendations from the disparity study to gauge the impact of Diversity in Contracting policies, advancing innovation initiatives, and championing apprenticeship utilization and workforce development in real estate development projects.

Please review the full budget and check the “Budget in Brief” snapshot.

  • $1 billion budgeted for operating revenues
  • $5.6 billion historic 5-year capital plan for aviation, maritime, and economic development
  • $20.1 million in expenditures for environmental stewardship
  • $19.4 million in expenditures on 17 community programs
  • $7.1 million added to the 2024 budget to improve customer experience at SEA

We're turning words into action by putting dollars to work!

Highlighting 23 Achievements We Celebrate from 2023

And just like that, 2023 is a wrap. But before we go, special thanks to our community stakeholders who engaged with our port office to voice their concerns, and to those who joined us in celebration. I must say, appreciation extends to our dedicated staff, union workers, Port of Seattle employees, and indirect workers contributing to our facilities, maritime operations, marinas, airport, and more. Our port functions seamlessly due to the hard work of these incredible individuals. Despite challenges such as persistent inflation and global conflicts, factors beyond our control, we've achieved significant milestones together in business, community, and the environment. Let's reflect on a successful year with a few highlights!

  1. SEA, Best Airport in North America for Second Consecutive Year, per Skytrax.
  2. We celebrated the one-millionth user of its SEA Spot Saver program, the popular free tool for travelers to reserve their space in TSA screening lines. SEA was the first airport in the country to implement a free program like Spot Saver!
  3. We approved the final phase of construction for the SEA Gateway project, allocating $159.5M to reconfigure the north end ticketing, expand the security checkpoint, and create new open space.
  4. Approved a $399 million budget for the C Concourse Expansion project at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), aiming for LEED v4 Silver certification with an all-electric, fossil-fuel-free approach (this occurs within the existing airport footprint).
  5. This year, Salty’s at SEA and BrewTop Social achieved LEED Certification, highlighting an environmental design milestone as the first tenant project at SEA Airport's Central Terminal to do so.
  6. We approved funds to launch the transformation of the historic Ship Supply Building at Fishermen’s Terminal (FT) into the cutting-edge Maritime Innovation Center (MInC), dedicated to pioneering maritime innovations.

    Rendering of the Maritime Innovation Center
  7. At Terminal 5, we achieved a significant environmental milestone with the inaugural shore power plug-in, reducing ship emissions and contributing to a cleaner, sustainable maritime environment key moment for our region's eco-friendly maritime operations.
  8. In partnership with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Renewable Natural Gas program, we committed to purchasing more than 240,000 therms of renewable natural gas, resulting in a reduction of approximately 1,291 metric tons of carbon emissions each year.
  9. We approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with King County, exploring the feasibility of an International Public Market facility in South King County.
  10. Approved a historic five-year agreement for on-demand taxi/flat rate for-hire services at SEA Airport.

    Commissioner Mohamed with members of the Drivers Union
  11. The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) was selected to receive $54 million in grant funding from the 2023 Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP). The funding will support the expansion of Husky Terminal in our South Harbor.
  12. We approved $25.9 million in funding to expand noise mitigation to places of worship that fall within the SEA noise remedy boundary.
  13. We approved the project and initiated the fourth cycle of the South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF) Economic Recovery Program, making $2.5M in funds available.
  14. Awarded $150,000 in funding for the third cycle of the SKCCIF Environmental Grant Program to five organizations serving communities South King County.
  15. Our teams collaborated with Dirt Corps and Duwamish Valley Youth Corps for a six-week paid training in green jobs through the Duwamish River Green Jobs Program.
  16. We introduced the first-ever Commission Order on Accessible Airports with the goal of being one of the most accessible airports in the nation.
  17. We approved efforts and approved a new Language Access Order. I also co-led the Equity Policy Directive.
  18. We launched the first Equity Budget Dashboard and tool allows us to monitor investments in community projects and initiatives, providing valuable data as a baseline for future investments.
  19. We launched the Port Allies Against Human Trafficking (PAAHT) pledge, urging partners and tenants to raise awareness of trafficking signs, behaviors, and enhance investments to combat human trafficking.
  20. We introduced and approved an order to establish a new Environmental Legacy Fund — a dedicated account where the Port will deposit property tax dollars to address historical industrial pollution on its properties.
  21. Commission approved funds for the third annual Business Accelerator Program in partnership with Business Impact NW, aiding small businesses.
  22. Port hosted a community planting event. Participants planted nearly 150 trees and shrubs at a site previously overtaken by invasive plant species.

    Community planting event
  23. Proudly advocated for and stood alongside Washington state legislators and Governor Jay Inslee during the signing of legislation, supporting policy and per-gallon price incentives for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production and use in the state.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to these achievements! Gratitude to my colleagues on the commission; it's a pleasure working alongside you. Looking forward to an exciting 2024. Wishing everyone safe holidays filled with joy, surrounded by family and friends.


Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed

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