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Design Standards

This group of documents define design standards that must be followed for any airport project. (Documents are Microsoft Word or AutoCAD files compressed in ZIP format, and range in size from 1-33Mb.) All downloadable files are available on CD-ROM; if you do not have a high-bandwidth connection to the Internet, or prefer to receive the files on CD-ROM, ask your project manager for a copy.

Click the links below to download the documents


Architecture Guidelines and Standards 2018

Standards for architectural design, materials and finishes selection at Sea-Tac Airport. (148Mb PDF)

CAD Standards 2018

Civil System Standards 2018

Standards for civil systems at Sea-Tac Airport, including industrial waste and storm drain systems, domestic water, and sanitary sewer system design. (12Mb PDF)

Communications Systems Standards 2018

Standards for communication system design and equipment selection at Sea-Tac Airport. Includes appendices for tenant guidelines and communications labeling standards. (12.8Mb)

Cooking Equipment Ventilation Standards 2018 

Ventilation standards for all cooking equipment within the Sea-Tac Airport.

Electrical System Standards 2019

Standards for electrical system design and equipment selection at Sea-Tac Airport.

Landscape Standards 2006

Standards for landscape design, installation, equipment selection and plant selection at Sea-Tac Airport. (3.6Mb)

Low Impact Development Guideline 2017
This Low Impact Development (LID) Guideline provides guidance for assessing the requirements, applicability, and technical feasibility of implementing LID at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. (18.4Mb)

Mechanical Systems Standards 2018

Standards for mechanical system design and material selection at Sea-Tac Airport. (19Mb)

Radio Frequency Standards 2005

Standards for radio frequency system design and equipment selection at Sea-Tac Airport .

Rental Car Facility (RCF) Tenant Design and Construction Standards 2012 (12Mb)

Design and construction standards for tenants of the consolidated rental car facility. These Standards are supplemental to existing Design Standards for the unique features of the rental car facility.

Restroom Design Standards 2015

Standards for architectural design of public restrooms at Sea-Tac Airport. Plumbing fixtures and fittings are included in the Mechanical Systems Standards 2015.

Signage Standards 2011

Standards for signage design, layout configuration, graphics, symbols, installation and material selection at
Sea-Tac Airport. (31Mb)

Stormwater Management Manual

Standards for design of stormwater management. (43 MB)

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