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On-Demand Pilot Program

Ongoing Outreach Sessions

The new on-demand taxi/flat-rate system began on October 1, 2019 and we want to hear from you! The Port of Seattle will be hosting a series of meetings over the next two years with drivers and owners so that we can get feedback, share information and make sure the program is going as smoothly as possible. Please plan to attend any and all scheduled outreach sessions to assist the Port in making sure new system runs as smoothly as possible.

About the On-Demand Pilot Program

A new on-demand taxi/for-hire system was implemented October 1, 2019. This pilot program was created in response to the Commission Motion passed May 28, 2019 and curated by Taxi owner and driver feedback. The Port of Seattle is initiating a two-year pilot program for on-demand taxi/flat-rate for-hire services at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

More background information can be found on the Presentation and in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). All questions, comments, and applications for contacting about the program should be directed via email to

Recognizing a Voluntary Organization and the Port

The Port is soliciting a qualified organization to work with the Port, along with all other interested driver and owners, for input on the Port's On-Demand Flat Rate/Taxi pilot program. The minimum qualifications and scope of work can be obtained below. If interested, please contact

As described in Port of Seattle Commission Motion, a qualifying voluntary organization and the Port, along with other interested drivers and owners, will explore the development of a process, available to all drivers and owners, for input to the Port on the pilot program.  This input will be evaluated and considered for implementation during the two-year pilot program and for inclusion in a permanent on-demand taxi/flat-rate for-hire program.

The goal is to develop a process:

1) To solicit input on items such as the performance of the permit relationship between the Port, its curbside manager and the owner/driver community, including scheduling, compliance, dispute resolution, and other issues related to management of the system;

2) To facilitate input through communications and engagement between the Port and drivers; and

3) To facilitate input by a voluntary organization on behalf of drivers. Such feedback will be solicited and evaluated throughout the two-year term of the pilot program, and a final report will be developed by the Port.
Qualifications for interested parties are that it be a voluntary organization with at least five years’ experience as a not-for-profit organization operating in the state of Washington; that it has an established process for worker involvement in decision-making; and that it can demonstrate support of at least 60 percent of drivers included in the pilot program. Upon satisfaction of these requirements, the Port and the voluntary organization would enter into a memorandum of understanding.

Requirements for Vehicle/Medallion Owners

Only those vehicles operating in the current on-demand fleet, and the 5 additional wheelchair accessible vehicles added via lottery process, will be allowed to operate on October 1, 2019 for the duration of the pilot program. To operate, the medallion owner for each vehicle must sign an On-Demand Operating Agreement, provide the required documentation to the Port and receive an affixed permit prior to commencing operations. Please visit the Ground Transportation Booth on the 3rd floor of the parking garage during normal business hours with your documentation. Please review the documents below for what is required to sign an agreement and receive your permit:


On Demand Taxi User Manuel
Browser Friendly Version

Requirements for Drivers

All drivers must create an account and use the Taxi Driver Portal to operate at SEA Airport starting October 1, 2019. To learn more please see our Taxi Terms and Conditions. Please visit the site and setup an account and register a valid payment card.

Taxi Driver Portal

Additional information for Owners and Drivers:

  • STAY CONNECTED: Please make sure to keep the Port of Seattle informed of any changes/updates to your email address so that you continue to receive future communications about the new on-demand system.  If you have not received any emails from the Port regarding the pilot program, please reach out to the email address below to ensure we have your correct contact information. All communication with the Port should be sent to:
  • KEEP INFORMED: Additional information regarding all items, including the outreach session, operating agreement, payment portal, etc. can be found at this website:

In addition to a fully executed agreement with the operating agreement and operating instructions, vehicles owners will need to provide a number of startup documents prior to operating under the pilot program. Only vehicle owners/medallion owners for the current fleet of 405 vehicles will sign the operating agreement. Agreements will be available to sign at upcoming outreach sessions. Keeping up to date information with Ground Transportation is also required, please plan ahead and obtain your documents prior to their expiration. 

Renewal and startup documents include: Insurance, Vehicle Ownership Information Sheet, Operator contact information sheet, Medallion information, Authorized drivers for Operating Vehicles, Evidence of vehicle registration – including VIN and license plate number, Dispatch Affiliation documentation, and other documents required for Permit.  

07/08/2021 - Please Note: In efforts to keep Operators compliant with the State of Washington, Ground Transportation has shortened the acceptance of receipts for For-Hire/Taxi Certificates applications from September 1, 2021 to July 16, 2021. 

Outreach Documents and Events

To help provide more information about the pilot program, the Port of Seattle will be hosting outreach events and providing the presentations and other documents distributed on this site. Parking will be validated for those who use the on-site parking garage. More events to be scheduled, all current events and their corresponding documents that were presented are listed below:

Some of the key changes you will notice in the Operating Agreement and Operating Instructions:
Hours operating for Drivers have been adjusted to reflect City of Seattle regulations, The appeals process for citations is clarified, and Operating Agreement incorporates Driver’s Voice component, as outlined in the May 28 Commission Motion.

Agreement Signing and Permit Process: Information regarding the signing process, including appointment schedules for turning in required documents and obtaining a vehicle permit will be provided at the outreach session. A new vehicle permit will need to be affixed to your vehicle at the time of your scheduled appointment where all required documentation will be verified. Information on the signing and permit process will also be posted on the Taxi Pilot Program website mentioned below.

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